ALLDOCK Interview with Bontena Brand Network

In an insightful interview with Bontena Brand Network, our CEO Klemens Dittrich talks all about his inspiration behind ALLDOCK¬†ūü§ď¬†:

"It is difficult to charge all of the technological devices that we use in our daily life. Charging all devices one by one with standard chargers is also a long process. Five years ago, Klemens Dittrich designed multi-slot charging unit ALLDOCK which performs the charging process faster by its quick charging feature. In addition to all these technical features, ALLDOCK offers different size and material options, such as bamboo wood, walnut wood, and aluminium silver, for users who like to have an option on the desk. I talked with Klemens Dittrich, Founder and CEO of ALLDOCK, about his own design.

Klemens, before talking about ALLDOCK, could you tell us about yourself and your 20 years of design experience? Who is Klemens Dittrich?

My name is Klemens Dittrich and my furniture and interior career began 25 years ago by founding Dittrich Design in Wuppertal Germany. The ALLDOCK was established five years ago and since has provided its users with a quick charging process for multiple devices at the same time!


How could you define your design approach?

Our ALLDOCKs have a simple and practical design. This is what makes our products timeless and functional at the same time. It is a functional masterpiece.

What are the indispensable features of a good design?

It is indispensable for a good design to consist of both high-quality material and functionality. The ALLDOCK has a quick charging system that saves you a lot of time. Simultaneously it has different materials and sizes. So, it is highly adaptable to the interior of your home and therefore your individual taste.

How did you come up with the idea of creating a multi-slot charging unit to design ALLDOCK? What inspired you?

I came up with designing the ALLDOCK, when I encountered a common problem. First, we have cable mess. Everybody who has more than one device can relate: The room looks messy with multiple cables. Additionally, many people have trouble finding more than one socket. The ALLDOCK enables you to charge up to six devices at the same time. For that, you only need is ONE socket.

The second common problem I encountered was the mobility of devices, during the charging process. My wife asked me to invent a more convenient way to charge your phone and be able to use it at the same time. You can watch Videos for example, without having to stop the charging process or hold your phone.


Could you tell us about ALLDOCK and your team?

We are a small team that consists of people with different professions. We have a Design Team that manages our website, takes product pictures and creates flyers. Our Industrial designers create new ideas and implement them. Our marketing Team advertises the finished products and manages our customer community.

What kind of materials and colours do you use in your production? How many different sizes are there?

Currently, we use high-quality bamboo wood, walnut wood and aluminium silver. We also have ABS plastic in black and White. The ALLDOCK is available in the sizes medium and large. If you have two ALLDOCKS one of them in all walnut wood and the other in black ABS plastic, you can simply switch the tops. The ALLDOCK is therefore very adjustable to your own preference.


What are the features of ALLDOCK chargers?

The chargers of the ALLDOCK have a quick charging technology integrated. Furthermore, the medium charger of the medium USB HUBs has four ports and the large one six ports.

What do you enjoy most about using your own designs in your daily life?

The best thing about ALLDOCKS is how functional they are. They charge your devices super quickly and save time. It’s also fits nicely in any interior by combating cable mess and adapting to the room atmosphere due to the different materials.


Social media platform are new showcase for innovative brands. What do you think about the power of social media on buyers' decisions?

Social media plays a big role in e-commerce. People are active on them everyday, so it is important to stay active. Our Marketing Team uses social media not only for campaigns, but also to interact with our customers, answer questions and provide them with creative content.


How can our readers follow ALLDOCK?

Thanks to our Marketing Team, we are active on many social media platforms such as Facebook(@Alldock), Instagram(@alldock_eu), and Pinterest(@ALLDOCK).

How can our readers buy the ALLDOCK?

You can purchase our ALLDOCK on our website:

What is next for you?

We just released a new product: The ALLDOCKHybridX. The HybridXcharges your devices like an ALLDOCK. But at the same time it has a Wireless Charger integrated. So, you can charge different devices in multiple ways.

In addition to that, we will release a new product soon.

The ALLDOCK Integrate. It is a DIY Kit that allows you to attach a charging station anywhere you like: Your desk, your shoe cabin and many more possibilities.

Anything you would like to add that I haven’t asked?

As I am a user of the product myself. I can recommend it to everybody. The ALLDOCK tower black is portable and therefore great for travelling. The ALLDOCK does not limit itself on one target group simply because it is for everybody. Single businessmen or big families. Thank you for the interview.


Thank you Klemens for your time."


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